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With so many financial advisers to choose from, why come to us?

For clients investing via Dexterity for the very first time - we’ll defer sending our initial invoice until the investments we've recommended reach a profit equal to our bill.  If that doesn’t happen within a year, we'll waive payment.  Read more here.

My bias: I am a UK-born, white, able-bodied, non-religious, degree-educated grandfather in nonviolent rage about the state of the world, dread at the consequences of climate change for all life on Earth, and quiet despair at the calibre of international leadership.  These factors predispose me to think in certain ways, and to suppose my perspective is normal.  Some blind spots are going to show up.  I want to acknowledge that.

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Stephen has been my financial adviser for over 30 years.

Need I say more!


Over recent years I have been a very satisfied ETF client and am delighted with the performance of my current ESG portfolio.

DS, Edinburgh

I have followed your advice for 30+ years.  This is probably because I have faith. 


The main thing I would say to others is that Stephen is the very essence of the word ‘independent’ in IFA. 


I cannot say that of other ‘IFA’s’ I have come across.

RS, Gosforth

We are more than happy with the way you have looked after our finances over the last quarter of a century, and have every confidence in your advice and decisions. 


Your grasp of the English language is a joy to read.

HG & EG, East Kilbride


Were a friend to ask which IFA you consult, would you feel confident to say Dexterity?


A very definite YES

CP, Edinburgh

Sound, well-researched advice helping me feel confident before I invested


My wife and I are fans!

CC, Edinburgh

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