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What We Do

Financial Advice

Covering all aspects of financial planning including investments, pensions and protection. The work we enjoy most is helping people clear their confusion about money, and their fear of error. 

We specialise in index-tracking funds (ETF) because they are inexpensive as well as easy to understand and measure.

Small Self-Administered Schemes (SSAS)

Dexterity acts as scheme administrator for Small Self-Administered Schemes (SSAS); a versatile type of occupational pension, suited to the directors of small companies.

SSAS' can: invest in the company's own property, lend back to the company, borrow for new investment, and all under the directors' control.

How We Operate

Our Code of Conduct (formed in October 2009)

  1. We will help you to the best of our ability, and take no advantage of your inexperience. 

  2. We shall communicate as clearly as we can, and endeavour to respond always in good time. 

  3. All the information to reach a sound decision we will provide in a fair and balanced manner, as well as in a format you can understand. 

  4. About risks, charges and remuneration we shall be explicit. 

  5. Without quibble we’ll put right any mistakes of ours, and be considerate about any of yours. 

  6. We will give you what you pay for. 

More simply: nothing will we do or say to you, that we wouldn’t

appreciate you doing or saying to us if we were in reversed roles. 

Treating Customers Fairly

Going way beyond the FCA's principles we deem everyone vulnerable: prospective clients because they don’t yet know us; experienced ones because they can't help growing older.  At all times and with all people we remain considerate of their vulnerability and we do that by sharing in the risks they are willing to take.

For instance; to our first-time investors we pledge to withhold our initial invoice until the investment has made the equivalent of our charge. If within a year that doesn't happen, we waive payment completely.

Which? magazine's most recent report (Sep '23) says the prevailing average charge for ongoing service is presently 0.8%. At Dexterity, we charge no more than half that rate (i.e. 0.4%). Depending on the level of ongoing service a client wants, the fee might be lower-still. 

'beyond the call of duty'  AC, Dec '23
'we have complete confidence in you and your advice'  DA, Dec '23

Ongoing Charges


Who We Are

Stephen Walters

I began work as an IFA in 1989.  (Before that I was in the submarine service.)  


Much like a GP takes pleasure in patients self-managing their own long-term medical health, I celebrate clients becoming confident to self-manage their own portfolio of investments. 


I own the company, but without Philip I'd be all at sea.

Philip Corrie-Hawes

I joined Dexterity mid-2015 and became a Director in November 2020.  


While Stephen meets our clients, I manage the administration, back-office work and systems.


The division of labour well suits our different dispositions and skills.

How To Reach Us


Scott House

10 South Saint Andrew Street

Edinburgh, EH2 2AZ


075 000 19490

From the junction of Princes Street with South Saint Andrew Street, you'll find Scott House

a few yards up on the left, next door to Charlie Miller Hairdressing (look for the large green front door)

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