Dexterity is a trading name of Stephen Walters Financial Planning Limited (SC360356)

Authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (503299)

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With so many financial advisers to choose from,
why would you come to us?

How we're different from most

  • We hold ourselves accountable to a code of conduct, which in summary pledges, "Nothing will we say or do, that we wouldn't appreciate you saying or doing to us".

  • We charge not by a percentage of your investment, but by our time.

  • Believing simple, transparent and low-cost investments will fully meet most investors' needs, we specialise in index-trackers known as Exchange Traded Funds (ETF).

  • With evidence that a 'responsible' portfolio performs as well as (or better than) one of 'sin' stocks, we encourage clients to invest with a focus on the environment, and social & corporate governance (ESG).

  • We offer a model portfolio of our own design; investing in eleven global, distinct themes, using only ETF, in equal portions.  They include Water, Clean Energy, Cyber Security, Timber & Forestry, Healthcare, Gender Equality, Innovative Technology.  You can see the portfolio's performance on the tab called Blog.

  • The Dexterity portfolio is operated by an online stockbroker (AJ Bell plc).  AJB pays nothing to Dexterity, and makes all the transactions free-of-charge.


How we're the same as some others

  • Directly regulated by the FCA.  That means we have no association with any other IFA, and are personally - and forever - accountable to the FCA for every piece of advice we give.

  • We are what FCA calls 'independent', not 'restricted'.  That means you can expect us to consider and recommend from all kinds of retail-investment products, from all firms across the market; to meet your own needs, and fulfil your own objectives: unrestricted and unbiased.

  • As a foundation for anyone's portfolio, we recommend a smoothed, defensive investment fund.  You can read my Principles of Investment and of Risk Management here.