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Your first consultation is free if it takes place at Dexterity's office, online via Zoom or Teams, or by phone.  Preferring not to limit the meeting's duration, I invite clients to expect a one-hour conversation. Sometimes it's longer.


If we agree there's work to be done, I'll quote you a price: either at an hourly rate, or for the complete project; whichever you prefer.  If you aren't sure which option would be of better value to you, we'll confer until you are.  After the meeting, Dexterity will put in writing its offer of engagement.  If you accept, then the fee-clock will start.  If you and I perceive an ongoing service would be useful, we'll confer about what it should cover, and agree a value.

For clients investing via Dexterity for the very first time - we’ll defer sending our initial invoice until the investments we've recommended reach a profit equal to our bill. If that doesn’t happen within a year, we'll waive payment.  We make this offer prompted by seven factors:

  1. Investment timing is a matter of luck as well as judgment,

  2. We anticipate markets will persist volatile for at least another year,

  3. We acknowledge the value of our work shows up only gradually,

  4. Even though our fees are probably lower than most IFAs, our services come at a cost,

  5. Clients have to take us on trust at the very moment when they feel most vulnerable,

  6. We’re financially in a sound situation,

  7. We’d like our clients to know we are with them through rough times as well as smooth.


VAT deserves explanation, because five financial services are exempt where:

  1. You have a full financial review

  2. You express an intention to buy or sell a financial product

  3. You purchase pure life insurance

  4. Intermediation far-outweighs advice

  5. Our work is part of an agreed ongoing service

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