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The prospect of disaster is no pleasure, yet the peace-of-mind that comes from preparedness offers relief


Were you to die, who in your life would have to carry a financial burden you’d rather they didn’t?  

Your spouse, partner, children?  Your business partners, your employees, your clients and customers?  

If you became unable to work, who’d support you financially?



Life insurance is like a parachute - to save you from disaster you must be wearing it before you need it.  

In 32+ years of this work, never yet have I heard anyone say, “My spouse / partner is over-insured."


At Dexterity we believe in the peace-of-mind value of life insurance - or protection, if you prefer to call it that.  

If you're under the age of 25; whatever cover you and I agree is most timely, relevant and affordable, we’ll arrange for you free-of-charge by Dexterity; ie exempt any commission or fee.

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