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To assess Dexterity's value by a clear, fair and consistent test, we measure our recommended portfolio against two benchmarks: FTSE All Share, and MSCI World.  

As long as our recommendations to you perform ahead of both those indices - and after all charges - our value is self-evident.  Were performance to fall behind either of those benchmarks, then Dexterity's value to you would be lower than we aspire.  

So, to be fair to both you and Dexterity: using data from the internet stockbroker of your choice, every six months we'll compare* your portfolio against those two benchmarks:

  • Provided your portfolio is ahead of them both - after all charges - Dexterity's annual fee for its ESG portfolio is 0.5% of the portfolio value.  

  • But if your portfolio is behind either of them, we'll give you the next six months of our service free-of-charge.  

By this standard, we intend you'll see in us:

  • accountability for everything we do, say, don't do and don't say,

  • transparency and precision about our fees,

  • better value than the funds of other advisers,

  • your expectations of service fully met.


If you discern how we might be still clearer, fairer or more consistent, please tell us.

compare*  the total-return, GBP version of each index

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TV for travellers

Illustration of the Dexterity portfolio's performance

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