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A nourishing theme, this one

Last December I bought a fresh, themed ETF called 'The Sustainable Future of Food'. It's presently unique in the UK ETF marketplace, and I'm glad to say it's growing well; up 18.6% since launch last Sep, and funds now standing at over $200million.

Issuer of the ETF is a young company called Rize. Its management team had been with L&G, and have a vision for global, thematic ETF; as I do.

About FOOD Rize says [the] "Index provides exposure to companies innovating across the food value chain to build a more sustainable, secure and fair food system for our planet. The[y] are:

(1) advancing agri-science, digital and precision farming, water-management technologies; all to produce food more efficiently; with lower input resources than traditional methods; with a reduced environmental impact and smaller carbon footprint.

(2) addressing the growing demands of conscious consumers for organic plant-based proteins; foods increasingly proven to be both healthier for humans; with a much reduced impact on carbon emissions, biodiversity and forests than animal protein.

(3) innovating in food / ingredient / packaging safety, testing, sustainability, re-use and recycling.

As an ingredient in a balanced portfolio of distinct, diversified themes of global importance; in my opinion FOOD deserves attention. You can find details of it on Rize's site and Just ETF's.

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