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Anyone for infrastructure?

Several of you have expressed bemusement that Global Infrastructure doesn’t appear in the Dexterity portfolio. It seems an obvious theme to include.

Formerly it was a component; but my timing was awry, and I replaced it with something I thought more propitious.

Now, after hearing Mr Biden promote infrastructure with a $4 trillion plan, I’m looking to re-instal the theme before long.

There are presently nine ETF focusing on Infrastructure; of which 6 have a global compass, but one is too new to offer data. Of the remaining five, the performance looks like this (with gratitude to

The first chart shows long-term performance of the oldest three funds.

The second chart compares performance since launch of the newest in March 2020.

In each chart one fund stands out:

  1. iShares Global Infrastructure [INFR]

  2. iShares’ Global Smart City Infrastructure [CITY]

In my opinion, both are valid choices. The second will be the more intrepid, and perhaps more rewarding. I’m not suggesting ‘smart’ cities are going to emerge swiftly from re-developed ‘dumb’ ones, but I am willing to believe this is the direction of travel. Nifty gadgets and shiny tech hubs are not what smart cities are about for me. My interest is in design principles and construction values that support lifestyles of good health.

As investors in ETF you’re de facto an early adopter, and your willingness to support innovation has already paid off. If you’d like to confer with me about either option, please drop me a line.

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