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Dexterity Dozen progress report

My experiment began on 3 April 2019 to discover whether ‘ethical’ investors do have to sacrifice performance for their beliefs.  AJ Bell’s platform automatically offers comparison of a client’s portfolio with any two of 30+ indices AJB regards as useful benchmarks. The toughest to beat are the set of indices run for an association of fund managers, ranging from very large banks and investment firms to small financial advisers (317 companies in all) called PIMFA.

Against two of PIMFA's in-house indices (Global Growth in grey, and Conservative in black) AJ Bell has plotted for me the track of the Dexterity portfolio in red. In the table AJB shows the first-year performance, and the second year so far…

The Dexterity Portfolio contains 12 Exchange Traded Funds - all thematic and all global - ranging from Healthcare, Clean Energy, Water and Cyber Security to Diversity & Inclusion and Gender Equality. The best performer so far is Healthcare, and the worst is Timber & Forestry. 

I don’t manage clients’ portfolios; they do. All are welcome to sift and select from the twelve as they like, and to adapt the allocation as they think best.

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