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Dexterity ETF portfolio progress

AJB’s x-ray facility lets me know the Dexterity portfolio is 80% equity, 11% bond. I’m very happy about the bond portion, because after 5 months, it’s the second-best performer. Clean Energy’s at #1, 20% up and Green Bonds #2, up 13%. Water’s at #3, up 12%.

Reading here-and-there opinions we might again be heading toward ‘Japanification’ (recession, long-term disinflation, deflation; driven in-part by falling birthrates) I’m keen on all three of those themes because I believe they’ll endure. Were I intrepid, I’d focus more of my assets into them. I’m not though; diversification is more important to me than maximising gains, because my first priority is not to lose capital.

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