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Dexterity ETF portfolio progress

More of the same, for now....

Clues I'm following to continue invested, and to remain widely diversified:

  • Interest rates in 'developed' nations persist low; rendering cash unattractive

  • Sea-freight rates have slipped to a three-year low; meaning there's less work available for an abundance of ships

  • The IMF has quietly revised down (from 3.6% to 3.4%) its prediction of global growth for this year; meaning trade and manufacture still are in decline

The Dexterity portfolio still keeps pace with the benchmark many professional fund managers like to use for global growth.

You already know I like global funds; preferably thematic, and ideally ESG. This next chart shows the ESG version of MSCIs World Index beating the ordinary version. At the back - but still very valid for risk-averse investors - is an ESG Equal Weight World Index. For the combination of its very wide diversification and useful performance, I like it.

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