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Dexterity ETF portfolio progress

This last fortnight has been a valuable experience for me: just after I wrote last time, China devalued its currency and set in motion a stock-market retreat. How did the Dexterity portfolio respond, against the toughest of 30 different indices with which AJ Bell lets me compare?

The evidence suggests an ESG portfolio needn’t suffer for its ethics. The Dexterity portfolio is presently 7.8% up since launch at the start of April, and the MSCI Wealth Management Association Global Growth Index is 8.1% up.

What’s doing best and worst?

  • Best are Clean Energy, Loans for Green Projects, Water, Healthcare

  • Worst are Timber & Forestry, Emerging Markets, Gender Equality (all presently in deficit)

Do I feel like changing any of them? No, because I value the diversity more than the gain I might make if I concentrate the portfolio.

Always accepting I’m only as good as yesterday’s performance.

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