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Dexterity ETF portfolio progress

Noticing my portfolio take a beating last week; this morning I feared today's graph by AJ Bell (where my portfolio is) might chart my comeuppance.

Pour mémoire; my portfolio started on 3 April. It's a collection of 11 ETF; as near Global Thematic and ESG as I can devise. If you want to remind yourself of more detail, you’ll find it on the website.

The benchmarks I first chose were the two most challenging of 30 AJB offered. Finding we’re up with the tougher of those two (Global Growth), I’ve chosen this time to replace the second (Global Balanced) by a benchmark with which we’re all quite familiar - FTSE All Share.

On AJB’s chart, the red line is my portfolio; the grey one is Wealth Managers’ Global growth, and the Black line is FTSE All Share. ‘looks like Global growth also took a beating, and still I’m ahead of FTSE All Share. To my delight, I get to breathe for another fortnight.

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