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Dexterity ETF portfolio progress

Nearly all markets seem to have taken a sharp rise during the last fortnight. I’m struck by the performance of the Timber & Forestry ETF, which has risen 8% in the last month.

Account (red line): Dexterity portfolio

Benchmark one (grey line): Wealth Management Association Private Investor Global Growth

Benchmark two (black line) : FTSE All-Share

Seeking to understand a little better about the disparity between the Dexterity portfolio and the benchmark we try to beat (Wealth Management Association’s Global Growth Index); MSCI understandably would want me to pay for its data, and I’m reluctant to do that. However from open sources I do know the main composition of the two portfolios looks like this:

I imagine the difference in performance relates directly to the extra 7.5% which MSCI holds in Developed World Equities. I don’t feel presently any embarrassment about being in second place behind it; we’re still close enough.

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