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Dexterity ETF portfolio progress

Seeing a 1.7% gap opening ahead of me, between my portfolio and Global Growth, I've looked for the cause. While almost all markets have slipped during the last month, I notice of my 11 Clean Energy has fallen hardest. To my theory I cannot offer proof, but I think much of the fallback was owing to previous exuberance. What FT had said on 1 October seems to corroborate my theory.

Your own experience of Clean Energy - and the other 10 - will be different from mine, owing to different investment dates. For instance: my Timber & Forestry has only just broken into profit after 7 months. Meanwhile the most recent investor in the Dexterity portfolio has seen Timber & Forestry rise 12%, and be presently the best performing ETF in his portfolio. That's why we diversify and why I've taken care to have as little overlap between funds as I can devise.

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