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Dexterity ETF portfolio progress

In suspense I’ve been this last fortnight, because I’d seen MSCI extend its lead over my thematic (mostly ESG) portfolio. Like an amateur long-distance runner, I’d like to stay in-touch with the professional pace-setter. 

With relief this morning I saw the one-year performance gap has closed to 1%, and the six-month gap to 0.02%.  For sure I’d like to be ahead of MSCI’s benchmark for professional fund managers; yet being this close after 7 months, I dare be happy for the moment.

‘Account’ is Dexterity’s portfolio (total return)

Benchmark One is MSCI’s Global Growth index for the Wealth Management Association.  

Of the 30 indices against which AJ Bell compares the Dexterity portfolio, this one is the leader.

Benchmark Two is FTSE's All Share Index (total return)

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