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Gender Equality is a powerful theme, and very ESG

So far, only two companies have entered the Gender Equality theme, but their performance is sound. Here is a chart comparing both of them with the two benchmarks against which I pitch the Dexterity portfolio. Over the max period they’ve all been running; yes MSCI World leads, but the two GE funds are close behind. FTSE All Share is well behind.

Both issuers of ETF in the GE theme buy their index-data from a company called Equileap. In case you’d like to read how Equileap researches, and what it has found, here is its newest report.

Assessing over 3,700 public companies around the world, across 19 qualities related to Gender Equality, Equileap concludes there is much for companies yet to do:

  • The top company (Norwegian) achieved a score of 74/100.

  • The hundredth component had. a score of 61.

  • Twenty nations feature in the list. You might feel surprise at the national league table

  • In my opinion, the Gender Equality theme will long continue a relevant and profitable investment. Men - in my experience no woman has ever declined to hold it in her portfolio: for me that puts the GE theme among Clean Energy, Water, Health and Sustainable Future of Food as front runners of ETF to hold perpetually.

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