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Honouring the courage of the 'early adopter' in us

After a slithery month, tech stocks seem to have recovered their balance. Down 7% from its peak, the Dexterity portfolio is 43% up on its launch value almost two years ago. Of the two benchmarks I chose at outset; World is up 22%, and FTSE All Share has recovered to 0%.

An American private bank has just published the results of its eighth annual global survey of ETF to elucidate trends. In the new report, three votes give me confidence:

  • 72% of the 400 respondents (substantial financial advice companies around the world) expect to increase their use of ETF,

  • 80% of them expect to increase their use of thematic ETF

  • 56% of them expect to increase their use of ESG ETF

I admit that in 2008 I expected ETF to have become mainstream long before now. In my opinion, we’re still in the ‘early adopters’ phase, and I'm trusting that’ll be to our benefit.

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