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My confidence restored; nothing to do with cannabis.

Inflation in the USA having jumped to the highest level in thirty years; the uncertainty that brooded in markets from Feb to October has evaporated.

Even though the news about inflation is not good; thanks to clarity funds have risen, and I’m feeling relief to see the rate of rise is higher in the Dexterity portfolio than in my two benchmarks.

In the trade press this year I’ve seen more and more articles about ESG investment. The myth that we have to pay for our morals is surely laid to rest. Phew! At last! For more than ten years I’ve yearned for that sea-change.

Some of you have shared my view that economic recovery must involve private and public spending on Infrastructure. With trust in our congruent judgment you invested early, but have seen little evidence of its accuracy. My second chart suggests our steadfast opinion might just begin to pay off.

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