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Recovery looking like a K

Owing probably to the US election being too close to predict, and Covid second-wave shock; during the last two weeks markets have fallen, and with them the Dexterity portfolio has dropped 4%.  Compared to its benchmarks, the performance continues well-ahead.

While some business sectors are suffering barely any ill-effect, others are feeling grief.  The Dexterity portfolio is invested in the former; principally technology of different kinds, with little overlap between different funds.

To a survey of 752 millionaire-investors by deVere Group, among its thousands of clients around the world; 38% said their biggest investment mistake had been to rely on the future being like the past. Another 35% regretted not seeking adequate advice. Another 21% considered their chief error had been too little diversification.

Meanwhile; good news for those of us who’ve invested in the Electric Vehicle Technology index; Tesla has announced a fifth straight profitable quarter, and VW intends to bring out its own mass-market vehicle to compete with Tesla.

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