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Steadfast tortoise takes the lead

I've wanted to look at Clean Energy's dramatic rise and precipitous fall in the spring, in the context of other funds' performance. I can now do that. My chart compares six funds I always recommend, to each other and against the MSCI World benchmark. The period I've taken is the last 50 weeks, because that's when the Food ETF launched, and it shows Clean Energy's rise and fall.

The other four funds are: Water, Healthcare, Technology Megatrends and World ESG.

Do all six:

  • Outpace my target rate of 1% per month on average? Yes. Healthcare is lowest at 16% over the period.

  • Beat the MSCI World benchmark? Apart from Healthcare, the other five do. World ESG is the lowest at 24%.

  • Are all best in their own theme? Food and Technology Megatrends are unique. Water is best of three over the period. Healthcare is best in its theme over the last six months.

  • Which has been best overall in the period? Water up 39% in 50 weeks. For me, Water is the tortoise that makes steady progress.

  • Would I change any? Not yet, but I notice L&G is making a determined bid to compete in the thematic space. In my own portfolio I'm experimenting with its versions of Healthcare and Clean Energy.

Key: Water, Technology Megatrend, Clean Energy, World, Food, Healthcare

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