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Two changes to the Dexterity Dozen

While the portfolio is looking competent, I've decided to make two changes:

1. The FTSE All-Share Index - although well-known - isn't enough of a challenge to beat. Instead I've chosen MSCI's World Index; another familiar benchmark but tougher to match. Here you can see it's presently neck-and-neck with the benchmark most discretionary fund managers use. My aim is to hold parity with them both.

2. Over the timescale I've been invested (2 April '19) Timber & Forestry has disappointed. Accepting for some of you it's been so competent you'll continue to hold it; I've looked for - and found - something I think will more readily make a profit.

The iShares Inclusion & Diversity ETF follows a Global Index created by Thomson Reuters: of companies committed to a fuller spectrum of equality than gender alone. Of course there's an overlap with GENG; but only 25%, so 75% is different. While my heart would love to hold WOOD forever, I'm of limited means. My first priority is to invest ethically; and my second is to make a profit. By switching to Inclusion & Diversity I'm still honouring the first, and I hope the second also will come to pass.

Here is the factsheet for OPEN. It's not yet available on all platforms. If you decide you'd like it (either in addition to, or instead of WOOD) and can't trade on your platform, please let me know.

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