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What moves me to promote ESG?

Maybe you’ve already invested with ESG principles. I imagine many other people have little idea how to engage with ESG, but would like to.  Advocating ESG frees me from the anger and grief I feel at the way our country is run, and gives me a way to be useful in society.  Not to change people, but to promote agreement that ESG investment is desirable. If we be in agreement, you’ll respond in whatever way is best for you.  If you think we may be able to help you, please drop me a line.

When we began this project, I hadn’t imagined the ESG portfolio might lead other benchmarks by so wide a margin. Clean Energy is a long way ahead of the other components of our portfolio.  I’ve no data so this is a guess; ESG is doing well because pension fund trustees will soon have to declare their position to their members. Clean Energy is an uncontentious first choice, and an ETF is a very cost-effective format of investment.

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