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Stephen Walters

Independent Financial Adviser & Managing Director

I began work as an IFA in 1989.  (Before that I was in the submarine service.)  The work I enjoy most is helping people clear their confusion about money, and their fear of error. 


Much like a GP takes pleasure in patients self-managing their own long-term medical health, I celebrate clients becoming confident to self-manage their own portfolio of investments. 


I own the company, but without Philip I'd be all at sea.


Philip Corrie-Hawes


I joined Dexterity mid-2015 and became a Non-Exec Director in November 2020.  


While Stephen meets our clients, I manage the administration, back-office work and systems.  The division of labour well suits our different dispositions and skills.


Dexterity is a very modern employer and the company values equally our collaboration. 

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