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In media-surveys of public opinion about IFAs, two qualities almost always appear in short supply; trustworthiness and transparent value-for-money.

On both counts, Dexterity's code of conduct pledges us to offer satisfaction.


Before we meet, you may like to read this.  If you invite our service, it's likely to take shape like this:


a.   Unless you know exactly what you want, we'll begin with conversation.  What's         going well, and not so well?  Your celebrations, aspirations; your concerns and         worries?  From our conversation will emerge important data affecting your                 project.

b.   Whatever you want to know about Dexterity, our work, or us, we'll tell you.

c.   Quite often, within the initial meeting we're able to give people all the financial           guidance they need for the time-being.  They leave having received what they           want, and for no charge.

d.   If further work appears valid, timely and matches what we do well; and if you'd         like me to quote a price,  I'll send you a written 'offer of engagement'.  

e.   In the event you accept my offer, we'll have a second meeting to shape an                 outline plan.

f.    The next stage is for me to write my specific recommendations; after which we'll       confer again, to support your understanding and peace-of-mind.

g.   Point (f) we'll repeat until you and I reach cordial agreement.  Revisions from             this point come free-of-charge.

h.   Once you're happy with the plan, we'll put it into action, and begin whatever               'ongoing service' you and I will have agreed at (f) and (g).

We aspire for you to be very glad you met us; not just next day, next year, but decades hence.  This year I'm celebrating 32 years in business, and I have two clients who've been with me since October 89.

Dexterity is a trading name of Stephen Walters Financial Planning Limited (SC360356)

Authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (503299)

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